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Unassigned items in the Chart Viewer

If there are items visible in ChartViewer that are in a section of "unassigned" all the way at the bottom of the chart, this means that there are documents or results that have not yet been assigned to the chart structure on the admin side. For example: LETTER should be visible under the “Correspondence” Section, but instead is showing up under "unassigned".

   To fix this: 
   Go to Chart Admin.  
   Click on the Manage Sections tab. 
   Assign items to their section or sub-section by checking the desired item(s) on the right hand side and then highlight the
   desired section/sub-section on the left within the chart structure, then click assign.
   Click save. 

In the case that there is an "unassigned" document in the chart viewer that is not listed in the Chart Admin list of documents, then it is likely that the document type is set to "Inactive".

   To fix this: 
   Go to Document Type dictionary. 
   Search for the desired document and make it active.
   Click save.

Follow the steps above to assign the document type to the desired section/sub-section. Go back to Document Type dictionary search again and now make inactive and save again.


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