Clinical Desktop Configuration

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The Clinical Desktop View is a view of all of the patient information the clinician, physician or user needs to be able to care for a patient. The benefit of creating your own view is simple - you know what information you want to see, and how you want to see it displayed on your desktop. By setting up your own views, you can easily avoid excessive key clicks and time searching for the information you need to care for your patients.

Things to note before building your view(s) Clinical Desktop View Starter Sets - Allscripts provides a standard starter set of Clinical Desktop Views upon delivery of the Clinical Desktop in v11; users can use what’s provided or easily build their own view(s).

Security - Each TouchWorks user must have the “Workspace View Edit” security code assigned to them to be able to create or edit their “Clinical Desktop View”. This security clearance will activate the “edit” button in the Clinical Desktop.

Full Screen Display– At any time you decide that you want to view one particular components information all by itself, simply check the box “Open in Full Screen Display”. This same check box may be if for any reason you do not like or wish to create a layered view, you can always use a “full screen display view” instead. No need to build layered views.


Let’s configure a Clinical Desktop View using View 4.

Log in to TouchWorks as an administrative user. Click “Work Def Admin” found on the vertical toolbar.


From the Workspace Definition Administrations workspace click Add/Edit Desktop View on the bottom left of workspace.