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IT Projects and Scheduling - Competing Projects

The IT Projects and Scheduling section of the Preparedness Call Minutes may contain some notes about other IT projects the client has planned during the upgrade. Regardless of what is in the minutes add an open action item to the project plan to review IT Projects and Scheduling - Competing Projects with the client.

In order to minimize risk to the upgrade project from a technical and resourcing perspective, confirm that there are no other projects running concurrently with the upgrade timeline.

Criteria for competing projects

  • Projects that share human resources with the V11 Upgrade. See contract for resource requirements or request from PM.
  • Projects that share Servers or infrastructure used by the Enterprise EHR (network changes, Citrix deployments, workstation upgrades)
  • Projects involving upgrades or changes to the Enterprise EHR or software that connects to the Enterprise EHR including changes to the underlying IDX or .net framework

The following projects /changes cannot occur between COE and Go-live due to technical limitations

  • New implementation work
  • Adding new orgs
  • New interfaces or interface changes
  • Upgrades of PM system
  • HF updates to Enterprise EHR in production
  • Framework upgrade to support IE 8 (Internet Explorer 8) <- perhaps? need clarification

Download IT Projects and Scheduling - Competing Projects to send to client

Mike Dow is the best resource for this topic

For internal reference, here is a example risk assessment for adding an org that gives reasons why Allscripts will not allow these competing projects:
example risk assessment for adding an org