Copy Specialty Favorites to Personal Favorites

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Starting in as early as Version 11.1.2 specialty favorites behavior has changed. The idea behind the delivered specialty favorites list is to take the suggested 200+ favorites that Allscripts delivers and have the specialties within your group narrow those down to the top 50-100. These will become their personal favorites following the steps below:

Step 1 - From the Clinical Desktop – click on the arrow and select “Personalize”

Image 1.jpg

Step 2 - Under General (which should be the default tab) select “Default Specialty ID”


Step 3 - Once in the ACI, Under the Allergy Tab, with the radio button on “Medication”, Drop down the Favorites List and select your specialty from the list.


Step 4 - Right click on any item and select “Favorite Item”


Step 5 – Now select the Non-Medication radio button and repeat Step 3 & 4


Result – Next time you go to Allergies, My Favorites list (which is the system default) will provide you a starting list of favorites. You can add and remove favorites as you move forward.