Creating a picklist for Requested Performing Location

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This article describes how to create a picklist for the Requested Performing Location dictionary. This is used to define the appropriate values that users can select. This is used with the SSMT: OID - Order Defaults - Insurance/PatientLocation/Site spreadsheet to define the appropriate values for the order details screen.

Detailed Steps

  1. Log into TouchWorks as a user that has access to TWAdmin.
  2. Go to the Dictionaries VTB.
  3. Select the Requested Performing Location dictionary from the drop down list.


  1. Select the Picklist button on the bottom of the screen. The following screen will appear:


  1. Select the "Add Picklist" button at the bottom of this screen. This will bring up the following screen:


  1. Enter the desired name of the Picklist.
  2. Press "OK"
  3. Highlight the newly added entry on the left. This will activate the "Add Entry" button.
  4. Select "Add Entry". It opens the following screen.


  1. Within this area, you would select one of the desired entries for the picklist and select "Add>>".
  2. Repeat this step for each entry that you'd like in your picklist.


  1. When you have the valid entries on the right, press "OK". This will bring you back to the original screen.
  2. When you are done adding each of your picklists, press "Close"

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