Custom Specialties

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Note Forms, Favorites, CareGuides and Flowsheets are connected to users via the user being assigned a specialty. The delivered specialties have Allscripts-delivered content for Note Forms, Favorites, CareGuides and Flowsheets that are associated to the specialty by default. If you create custom specialties, it may take more time to manage the assignments of those types of items. Other than that, it will work exactly like the delivered specialties.

If an existing user has their specialty changed they will lose their personal favorites. A script can be used to prevent this problem.

One reason to create a custom specialty would be to allow floaters to access all flowsheets:

  • A flowsheet can be assigned to all specialties.
  • You can only assign a user a maximum of two specialties (primary and secondary).

Here are 3 solutions for allowing a floating user access to all flowsheets:

  1. In the front-end user interface there is the ability for a user to select a specialty before selecting a flowsheet.
  2. It is possible to create a custom specialty to be assigned to the floaters, this custom specialty could have all flowsheets. The downsides to #2 are:
    • If someone sorted notes by specialty the notes created by the floater would be grouped with the custom specialty and not their actual specialty.
    • There will be no delivered specialty favorites for this user but we may be able to create some.
  3. If you have a specialty that you are not using you could assign that specialty to the floaters and assign all flowsheets to that specialty.