Developing Bridge-compatible stored procedures

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When developing a stored procedure to file patient information into the TouchWorks EHR there are certain parameters that must be included and patient related parameters must have certain names (e.g. the patient last name field could not be named @PLastName, it must be @LastName or @PatientLastName).

This is applicable to Bridge v2.x, which is compatible with ConnectR v4.6 or greater.

Output parameters

You must include the following:

  • @BridgedObjectID: This is an output parameter used to identify the object to which the object was bridged.
  • @BridgedEncounterID: This is an output parameter used to identify the encounter associated to which the object was bridged.
  • @Status: The status - 0 is success. Negative statuses indicate the type of error, e.g. -100 for patient cannot be identified.

    @BridgedObjectID uniqueid = 0 OUTPUT,
    @BridgedEncounterID uniqueid = 0 OUTPUT,
    @Status int OUTPUT

Naming for patient-related fields

The following fields must have one of the parameter names included below it. If the parameter is not named correctly, it will not be picked up by Bridge.

Patient Last Name:


Patient First Name:


Patient Middle Name:


Patient DOB:


Patient SSN:


MRN (Organization MRN):


MRN (Enterprise MRN):


Organization ID:

  • @OrganizationIDOfMRN
  • @OrgOfMRN
  • @PatientOrg
  • @InternalOrganizationOfMRN
  • @InternalOrganization

Registration System:

  • @RegSystem

The last three parameters of your stored procedure must be the following:

  • @dummyBO UNIQUEID = 0 OUTPUT,
  • @dummyBE UNIQUEID = 0 OUTPUT,
  • @dummyStatus INT = 0 OUTPUT