Difficulty Switching Workplaces

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In Internet Explorer 8, users may experience difficulty switching between workplaces in Enterprise EHR


Workplace Selector

In Internet Explorer 8, the workplace selector (seen at right) may respond poorly. Double-clicking on it may be necessary, and the drop-down menu may not stay open.


Internet Explorer Patch

Microsoft has released a patch for this issue in the cumulative update which can be downloaded from the following link:


(The links in the "Component" column are links to the download page for specific versions of the update.)

Detailed documentation of the issue is at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/972551/ "You cannot select a drop-down list in a modal dialog box in Internet Explorer 8 after you set the document.domain property"

Internet Explorer Settings

This can also be caused by improperly configured Trusted Sites or Local Intranet settings in Internet Explorer. Please follow any documentation for Internet Explorer settings given to you by your implementation or upgrade team.

See also: Suggested IE Settings - V11