E-Referrals Review and What’s New

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Webcast Details

Considerations, configuration, testing, & demo from Galen SMEs who have implemented eReferrals.

Originally aired: Friday, April 24, 2015 Presenters: Crystal Vervaecke and Laura Gold

Webcast Materials

e-Referrals Review and What's New pdf

Q & A

Q. Does the SOC Acknowledgement task mean that the item was received by the recipient? Or just that it got to the HISP?

A. The receipt of a SOC Acknowledgement Task means that the Summary of Care record was successfully sent to the HISP.

Q. Can you send e-Referrals to a team of providers? For example, a group of specialists.

A. Yes, you can send e-Referrals to a Group Entity if they have a designated 'Group' Direct ID Adddress to send an e-Referral to. In our Referring Provider Dictionary you would mark the entry as "Is Practice" and enter the Group address in the Direct ID Field.