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Integrated Patient Specific Documented
IHC is fully integrated into the Allscripts Enterprise EHR, eliminating the need to keep a list of links to outside health calculators and saving precious time with patients. The current patient’s health information is pre-loaded into the calculator, reducing the time and errors in entering the clinical indicators for the calculator. With the score in hand, we can also seamlessly document this in the patient’s EHR chart.

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Which calculators are available?
Galen offers dozens of calculators, including the most popular ones like the Framingham Cardiac Risk, Breast Cancer Risk, CHADS2 for Risk of Stroke, ADA Diabetes Risk, MELD Score for Liver Disease. For a full list, see the list of Available Calculators below.
Is it configurable?
Yes, the calculators that are available to you are configurable and many are available from Galen. The chart data used for each measure is also configurable via a web-based management screen built into TWAdmin.
How are scores documented?
Scores are documented as Results within the patient chart based on the Resultables setup to document the results of each calculator. Medcin Findings may be used in lieu of Results.
Can I cite the score into the Note?
Yes. The Result (or Medcin Finding) that is added to the patient’s chart may be cited into the current Note.
Is IHC supported by Allscripts?
Galen fully supports IHC in your Allscripts environment. IHC utilizes standard components within Allscripts like the Web Framework and the standard Interface APIs.
What software or controls are required?
IHC is fully integrated into Allscripts. No new ActiveX controls or other software is required on PCs using IHC within the Allscripts Enterprise EHR.
What new hardware is required?
No new server or PC hardware is required.
Is Citrix supported?
Yes, IHC fully supports Citrix.
Does IHC have an impact on the EHR?
There is no impact on the EHR in terms of performance or other negative consequences. Loading the IHC page is lightweight, requiring fewer web page and database calls than most screens in the EHR.
How does IHC support upgrades to the EHR?
IHC is designed to be minimally impacted by any changes in the EHR system. Upgrades and migrations may require IHC components to be re-applied, though rarely will any configuration or software changes be required with a new version of Allscripts. In these cases, Galen will support the new version.

Available Calculators

Currently Available


An electronic copy of this page may be downloaded as a PDF: Galen Integrated Health Calculators - Quick Reference