EMR Success Factors

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Steps to make the EMR a success!

  • Exceptional project management and control
    • Ongoing meetings with EMR Committee
    • Establish champions of the EMR
    • Set realistic project management processes
    • Gather appropriate data and perform necessary research
  • Effective communication
    • Remind people of the benefits and convenience of an EMR
    • Make sure everyone understand the reason for the change
    • Welcome constructive ideas, reward positive suggestions and discourage any negative attitude or discussion
    • Communicate throughout implementation process of steps taken
    • Check in with staff regularly to offer validation of concerns
    • Communicate ongoing support plan
    • Communicate with providers and staff what is required to get the job done
  • Goals Specified
    • Completely understand the current workflow of the office
    • Set specific goals for desired outcomes
    • Success must be defined ahead of time (i.e., EHR Metrics to measure ROI, etc.)
  • Strategy for entering the practice’s old data
    • How are you going to add old medications, problems, and allergies?
    • Define Scanning strategy
    • Full comprehension of project complexity
    • Strong project management team
    • Obtain providers commitment to complete assigned tasks in a timely manner
    • Provide users with short overview
    • Understanding what to expect
    • Determine need for temporary staffing
  • Training is crucial
    • Demo days
    • Two-to-Four hour training sessions
    • Conduct dry runs/Mock Training
    • Train super users
    • Accessible training materials (webcasts, e-learning)
  • Go Live Armed
    • Schedule fewer patients
    • Commit resources