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eNotify gives you immediate notifications of your most urgent EHR tasks on your PC and phone.

Urgent Call Backs

Receive notifications on your desktop of urgent messages, like call backs to patients and colleagues. Click on the notification to navigate to your EHR Task List.

Critical Labs

Don’t be a servant to checking your Task List. eNotify will inform you of urgent tasks, like critically abnormal results, allowing you to easily respond without being chained to the EHR.

On Call

While on call, receive messages about your patients on your phone with relevant patient information. Call the patient back privately with a single tap on your screen.

eNotify Screenshot - click to see larger

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we specify which tasks pop up?

Yes. You will be notified of only the tasks you want to see. The tasks that eNotify shows are configurable based on task type and urgency. You may also specify which urgent tasks appear on your desktop versus your phone.

Does eNotify pick up my current EHR login?

Yes. eNotify will show urgent tasks for the user who is currently logged into the EHR on that PC. You may also enter a default EHR user to show notifications on a PC where you may not always be in the EHR, such as in your office.

Can we choose who receives notifications?

Yes. eNotify and all of its settings may be configured at the Enterprise level all the way down to the user level.

Is eNotify supported by Allscripts?

Galen is a Developer Partner of Allscripts. When implemented, Galen provides full support of eNotify in your Allscripts environment.

Do EHR upgrades impact eNotify?

eNotify is designed to be minimally affected by changes in the EHR system. Galen will pre-certify new EHR releases to ensure compatibility.

Does eNotify have an impact on the EHR?

There is no impact on the EHR in terms of limiting performance or other negative consequences.

Does eNotify work with Citrix?

Yes. eNotify will work with Citrix in both the Published App and Published Desktop models.

What new hardware is required?

No new server or PC hardware is required.

What software or controls are required?

eNotify has both Windows and smart phone apps. The Windows app may be automatically deployed to desktops. The phone app may be downloaded from the Apple, Android and Windows phone app stores.