Edit Image Favorites for v10 Note

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Some clients have reported that their v10 note image favorites do not come over with the upgrade. These favorites cannot be moved via SSMT. An SSMT Category exists for these but the extraction does not work. Below is the workflow for users to re-add their favorites:

  1. Open a v10 note and click on Image button to open the Image dialog
    Image button in v10 Note.jpg
  2. Clicking on the dropdown displays the user's favorite images. If the user does not have any favorites the dropdown will be empty
    No Favorites.jpg
  3. To search for an image click All
  4. A new dialog will open, enter a keyword and click Go
    Click All to Search.jpg
  5. The search will return images that start with the keyword
    Search will find starts with.jpg
  6. To see the entire list, leave the search field blank and click Go
    Leave blank and click Go for entire list.jpg
  7. The search will not find images that contain the keyword
    Search will not find contains.jpg
  8. To find images that contain the keyword use %
    Use percent for contains.jpg
  9. Once the correct image is found, highlight it and click OK to add to the note.
  10. To add the image to favorites click the folder icon
    Click folder icon to add to Favorites.jpg
  11. The images added to favorites will be added to the dropdown
    Favorites will appear in the dropdown.jpg