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  • The system "learns" the user's favorites by saving items as they are selected.
  • Users should start by using the specialty favorites. As their personal favorites fills up they can start to use those. (is there a default view to be changed?)
  • This should be sufficient for most users and in many cases superior to creating them manually.
  • In certain situations, a user may want to manually edit their personal favorites
  • Users may also wish to copy another user's personal favorites
  • The organization may wish to create a personal favorites list and assign it to a group of users.
  • Keep in mind that V11 has delivered favorites lists for each specialty and these can be edited by the organization. V11 Specialty Favorites

Edit Personal Favorites


Users can create a subset of favorites by clicking the Quicklists icon when selecting an item. They can also be added via the PAT Admin and SSMT favorites load.

Remove Items

  1. Select the favorites category in SSMT
  2. Select user
  3. Extract
  4. Change 'Inactive' value to 'Y' for items to be removed
  5. Load