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*CCI edit checking turned on
**if you are using CCI Edit Checking, this is where you turn it on
**add-on package from Allscripts
*RVU Type to Display (relative value units)
**Non facility – leave as this
*25 Modifier Checking Turned On
**In order to get 25 modifier working
**It has to be turned on here
**Set to yes
*Free Text Referring Provider Turned On
**Set to no
**Allows free text entry of referring provider
*Non-billable Diagnosis Code Checking Turned On
**If insurance is going to pay for specific problem/diagnosis
***You’re going to see a little icon next to that problem
****Dollar sign with line through it
**Three options
****Won’t see the dollar sign with line through it
*** Non-billable codes selectable
****Will see dollar sign with line through it, but can still select non-billable codes
***Non-billable codes not selectable
****Will see dollar sign with line through it, and non-billable codes will be grayed out and unselectable
****This one’s recommended
*Medcin Synonym Search Turned On:
**Set to yes
*Compliance Code Field Turned On
**For residents
***On encounter form
*Compliance Code Default Entry
*Compliance Code Required
**Usually set to ‘no’
*Medical Necessity Checking Turned On
**Preference for the charge
*Hold charges for ABN Status
**If you want to hold charges until there is a status of the ABN, set to yes
*Encounter Locking Turned On
**Set to no
*Submit all Charges When Ready Turned On
**Set to no
*Hierarchical Condition Category (HCC) Checking Turned On
**Set to yes if you want this turned on

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There are multiple charge settings that can be managed under this tab, including "Encounter Locking Turned On". If this is set to "Y" and "Encounter Lock Timeout (days)" is set with a numerical value, the end result is that charge encounters will lock after X number of days. Once an encounter is locked, it is in an non-editable state. At this time, it is not clear if an encounter can be unlocked nor is it clear how to unlock a locked locked encounter. Therefore, the current recommendation is to set "Encounter Locking Turned On" to = "N".