Error Result Verification

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Question: What is the Error Result Verification system generated task? This task was introduced as part of 11.1.6 HF 12 due to the issue caused when verifying a result with communication method of call or mail, no task is created to notify staff. The hotfix was supposed to fix most cases where this could occur, but for instances where this still occurs these tasks are created.

The user should be notified that the Result Verification Task was not created in a Touchworks Error dialog, and the error is logged in the error_log table in the database. At night a scheduled job is run, that will scan the error_log for instances of that particular error. When it finds one, it will create an Error Results Verification task to notify the ordering provider (or the delegated user for that provider) that the task was not created, nor the communication. It's then the user's job to complete that communication, and 'Done' the job