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Common Errors

Error: "This patient is not part of your organization - Associated organizations"

Cause/triggered by: When selecting a patient after a search.

Possible Causes:

  • A setup problem involving the framework preference for schedule product.
  • In multi-org environments when a user (Often an administrator) is logging in and out of different orgs. During login, TW caches the org that you log into so if you login into one org, log out, and immediately attempt to login to a different org you will get this error when trying to select a patient. Since most users only log into a single org, the issue is not often encountered except for admin users who are responsible for multi-org systems. The work around is to close and re-open the browser completely before logging into a different org.
  • In multi-org environments when the organizations have not been configured to share properly.
  • When a user attempting to pull a patient that exists in multiple orgs they must have a connection entry associated with them. This gives the user access to pull up that patient in the appropriate orgs.