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Organization will be open to integrating with various vendors and medical devices to ensure that TouchWorks users have all necessary supporting data delivered to TouchWorks. These integration channels should be completed in a manner to ensure data integrity.

User Support

Organization shall provide adequate levels of support to their users. This will ensure that users get a response to issues in a timely manner.

Environment Support

The support of the environment should be adequate to ensure a highly available system. All means necessary should be taken to proactively monitor and maintain the system. Any preventable downtime should be reviewed on a daily basis.


Organization should take all means necessary to ensure a secure system.

Ease of Use

Organization should design the system to be easy to use and provide their users with the tools necessary to meet their daily needs.

IT Policy and Oversight

Organization will establish bodies responsible for placing consistent management practices to address issues such as enterprise architecture, security, data access, business continuity, outsourcing, quality standards and funding.

IT Excellence

The users at the Organization require a TouchWorks system that meets the highest standards of excellence. Organization should evaluate the quality of IT with the same rigor as any other project.