Extract and Load via SSMT

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The SSMT tool is an Allscripts provided tool that allows clinics to extract and load data into their TouchWorks system. This tool should be used by a person that understands how to use it and you should be sure to follow the Allscripts documented process when utilizing the tool.

    Ensure that you complete a database SQL Backup prior to loading any data through SSMT.  The tool is pretty robust, 
    but human error or progam bugs could create a mess.  Completing a backup first takes only a few minutes and can save 
    hours of time if something does happen. 

Below are a list of some common spreadsheets with their description. Select the Spreadsheet name for a more indepth description.

Spreadsheet Definitions

Error Messages

The SSMT tool returns various error messages. Here is a page dedicated to SSMT Error Messages