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Effective in TouchWorks Version 11, Favorites lists now exist at three “levels”:

1. Master Favorite List by Specialty (Allscripts delivered content)

  *Applied at the Enterprise level
  *Inherited by all users assigned to the specialty if no personal favorites exist
  *Remain intact when the user adds a personal favorite, however no subsequent master favorites are applied

2. Personal Favorites (QuickLists)

  *To prevent Master Favorites from being applied automatically, an administrator must add one favorite to the users personal
  *Can add up to 100 items

3. Team Favorites (effective V11.4)

  *Available in PAT under Base and Charge
  *Favorites can specifically be applied to an entire Patient Care Team (PCT)
  *Prerequisites: Patient Profile - Edit and Note - Edit  security codes must be associated to 
  the user.  Only users, providers, user/providers, referring providers and entities can be defined as favorites.

The following PAT Favorites lists remain group-based in Version 11:

  • Billing Provider
  • Diagnosis
  • Procedure
  • Provider
  • Referring Provider
  • Visit Charges
  • Schedulable Provider

Note: No new tasks are necessary to configure the above Favorites lists. Text template favorites also exist in V11 note.

The following PAT Favorites lists are specialty-based:

  • Allergen (historical and medication)
  • Patient History
  • Active Problems
  • Family History
  • Past Medical History
  • Past Surgical History
  • Social History
  • Problem
  • Medications
  • Orders

The following preferences are related Favorites:

  • AddFavoritesAutomatically - Allows the users to add to their favorite lists automatically
  • ChgWorksShowAddToFavorites - Determines if "add to favorites" displays on the charge selector
  • DefaultToQuickListFavorites - Determines if My Favorites or My Quicklist displays when the ACI is opened
  • DefaultSpecialtyID - Allows users the ability to default their specialty values to a favorites list.
  • Provider Selection Limited to Favorites - Limits the list of favorite items for non-providers.