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Effective in TouchWorks Version 11, the Favorites lists is now available at the following levels:

  1. Master Favorites List by Specialty (Allscripts delivered content)
  2. User Favorites List
  3. User QuickList

In previous versions of TouchWorks, Favorites Lists were organized by group. Effective in TouchWorks Version 11, some Favorites Lists can be defined, organized, and distributed at the Specialty level within the Physician Admin Tool (PAT). The following new concepts are introduced in TouchWorks Version 11 in regards to Favorites lists:

  1. Specific Favorites are organized into groups that correspond to specialties as opposed to groups.
  2. Favorites can be organized so that the “top” favorites display at the top of the list (QuickLists).
  3. Favorites include a series of “master level” items that are predefined by Allscripts.
  4. Personal favorites are not overridden when master lists are updated.

The following PAT Favorites seven items remain group-based in Version 11:

  • Billing Provider
  • Diagnosis
  • Procedure
  • Provider
  • Referring Provider
  • Visit Charges
  • Schedulable Provider
Note: No new tasks are necessary to configure the above Favorites lists.

The following PAT Favorites lists are specialty-based:

  • Allergen (historical and medication)
  • Patient History
    • Active Problems
    • Family History
    • Past Medical History
    • Past Surgical History
    • Social History
  • Problem
    • Medications
    • Orders
  • User

SSMT Favorites

Favorites can be loaded in via SSMT for the individual or the specialty. The SSMT Content Categories all start with 'Favorites:'