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Webcast Overview

Galen is proud to unveil its MEDITECH Technical and Professional service lines, which extend across the acute care modules and the ambulatory suite! MEDITECH sets itself apart from the other EHR solutions with interoperability between the acute and ambulatory settings. You'll get an opportunity to view the MPM 6.0 version as we navigate the ambulatory system with best practice workflows. We will demonstrate the Physician Desktop, Note Templates, Ordering and Sign Queue functionalities involved in documenting patient encounters, and will also include coding of visits and processing of tasks.


View/download 07/2015 powerpoint slides here


Question: You warned us against using the cut and copy function causing issues with different providers. Can it be assumed that there would be no issues when using the functionality for the same provider?

Answer: Although I have not seen any issues with using the cut, copy, paste feature on same day, same providers I would just be careful using it. Best practice would always be to cancel, document the reason for moving the appointment and reschedule.

Question: If you open the wrong template or duplicate template is there a good way to cancel or void that incorrect one?

Answer: If unsigned, the “Cancel” radio button can be selected when the Sign document button is activated. In the event that a signed document needs to be cancelled the cancel button will not be available for a signed document, however, your MPM clinical analyst does have the ability on the back end to go thru the RAD>Transcriptionist Desktop where they can unsign the document and then change the status to Cancelled.

Question: When signing orders or documents, is there a way to skip an item or do you have to Stop and start over again?

Answer: Yes, in the upper toolbar in the order processing screen between the pen and the stop sign are two arrows that allow you to skip or move back.

Question: If the follow up appt is an office procedure, how do you keep track the appt for patient recall?

Answer: After the appointment is booked, you can select the option for letters/forms, select appt.reminder. The second line is to print, queue or delete, you will select Queue and the last line you will select the date you want to reminder to appear on. Then when you run the job for reminders on that day this patient's remind will be on that report.

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