Flowheet Build Dec 2013

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Flowsheet Build Webcast covers understanding and building of Flowsheets, as well as reviewing examples of different types that are commonly used in a clinical practice.


View: Flowsheet Slide Presentation Presented 12/6/2013

Question and Answers

What if I don't have a default specialty assigned, where does a User go to set up their preferences for a flowsheet to default to a particular specialty?

  • Answer: Go to the personalized section on your clinical desktop, click on the right arrow and select "personalize", that will take you to the user preferences. In the General section use the Default Specialty ID preference to select specialty and save.

If the flowsheet is all blank and I can't see it on the clinical desktop how do I add results?

  • Answer: Right click on the flowsheet component and select show blank rows, the selected flowsheet appears, you can then click on "add new column' at the bottom og the component if necesary.

Prior to our upgrade from 11.1 to 11.2, for a medication, the dose given would populate the flowsheet. Now in 11.2.3, it populates w/ an X. is there a way to make to does given to populate like before?

  • Answer: At this time there is not.