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Flowsheet Build Webcast covers understanding and building of Flowsheets, as well as reviewing examples of different types that are commonly used in a clinical practice.


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Question and Answers

Where does a User go to set their preferences for a flowsheet to default to a particular Specialty?

  • Answer: Click on the Main Menu arrow button, select Personalize. Select the General tab and navigate to Default Specialty ID, click on the dropdown arrow, scroll through the list and click on the specialty you want defaulted. Select Save.

Is there set up required for the print options Double High and Double High Wide?

  • Answer: No, this is delivered with versions 11.2+

For multi-org setups: Can you restrict a flowsheet to a specific Organization or will all orgs in the Enterprise see the flowsheets?

  • Answer: No, Flowsheets can not be restricted to specific Orgs.

Can you use a flowsheet for med admin items? I have a provider who wants to use a flowsheet to keep track of her patients’ injections for B12, Testosterone and Depo Provera.

  • Answer: Yes, you can use Flowsheets to track Medication Administrations using the Add Item workflow.

We don't use flowsheets alot, what are some really helpful flowsheets in general?

  • Answer: Organizations with patient populations with chronic diseases such as Diabetes, Coumadin Therapy, Asthma/COPD find Flowsheets for those disease process' quite helpful.

If you use a flowsheet orderable item and uncheck the orderable box, can you still use the enter result workflow?

  • Answer: