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When selected, the system displays a selected flowsheet using data from the selected patient’s record. The available flowsheets are listed in the Group By box. Flowsheets are defined by the organization.

Eliminating equivalent RID rows in a flowsheet: How to avoid duplicated rows in your flowsheet that are created by using the "Considered equivalent only for flowsheet graph:" is by creating an additional orderable item for the purpose of flowsheet display.

For example let’s take CAD (coronary artery disease) flowsheet – on this flowsheet you would want to include total cholesterol when you build this in Phys Admin. The logical thing seems to be to go to Phys Admin search for Total Cholesterol and add that orderable item to your flowsheet. If you are working with multiple lab vendors chances are you will have several versions of cholesterol resultable mapped to that order – one for each of your lab vendors:
- Cholesterol for LabCorp
- Chol for Cerner
- Cholesterol, Total for Quest

If you have used the function in the RID “Considered equivalent only for flowsheet graph” and tied the three cholesterol resultables mentioned above what will happen is when ONE of those is resulted it will duplicate the results for each of those line items in the flowsheet. For example let’s say that patient A goes to LabCorp and has the Cholesterol checked and resulted. When you look at the flowsheet not only does a line item show for Cholesterol with the results, but you will see two additional lines on the flowsheet for Chol and Cholesterol, Total with the results for Cholesterol in them. Basically the same result will be seen in triplicate.

How to avoid this: Instead of going into Phys Admin and adding the different orderables to the flowsheet we create a new special order in the OID (and this is what we attach in Phys Admin to our flowsheet). We call it “CAD Panel” and we attach to that orderable only ONE resultable representing each order that we want on the flowsheet. So for instance in our CAD Panel Order we only attach the one result of “Cholesterol” (and leave out the additional two - Chol and Cholesterol, Total). We still use the “equivalent” function, but now regardless which result comes back – whether it’s for LabCorp, Cerner, or Quest we only have ONE line that shows on the flowsheet.