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Let Galen's expert EHR Consultants help you with: Functional Security: Understanding and Applying Security Components.


Question: A Document Security code I created is not available to assign to a document type or note template. Why is that?

Answer: When creating new document security codes, one must first assign the new code to a classification that is assigned to the
user (or administrator) who is trying to assign this new code to a document.

Question: How do we get a report of users who have access restricted patient charts or documents?

Answer: In TWAdmin > Report Admin > Reports, under the administrative tab, there are canned reports that come delivered from 
Allscripts which will allow you to report on the auditing data. The first is Audit Log, which will tell you who has accessed
restricted patient charts contained in patient security groups. The second is Break Glass audit, which will tell you who has
used the break glass feature to override document security.

Question: Are there any drawbacks to implementing schedule security?

Answer: There is one and it has to do with trying to view all Patient Appointments from the daily schedule. The Patient
Appts button, be default, will display all appointments (regardless of provider) for a patient within an organization. If any
of those providers schedules have been locked down, and the user looking at the patient appointments does not have the 
corresponding security code(s) in their classification, they will only be able to see the patient appointment for providers
whose schedules have not been secured.


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