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==Online Resources==
==Online Resources==
* [http://allscripts.com: Allscripts Home Page]
* [http://allscripts.com: Allscripts Home Page]
* [http://kb.allscripts.com: Allscripts Knowledge Base]
* [http://kb.allscripts.com: Knowledge Base]
* [[Lesson Link Map]]
* [[Recorded_Webcasts]]
* [http://blog.galenhealthcare.com/2008/08/25/collaboration-and-the-wiki/ | Collaboration and the Wiki]: Galen Upgrade consultant Max Henson-Stroud discusses the potential impact of a community driven knowledgebase

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Welcome to the Galen Healthcare Wiki
An online collaboration focused on the free exchange of EHR knowledge

  • Max Henson-Stroud from Galen has a great blog entry describing the utility of the Galen Wiki

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