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Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9 for Adolescents). This is used as a tool determine the severity of depression specific to the adolescent age range.


The questionnaire is a modified version of the PHQ-9 questionnaire. Should the user select a patient over the age of 18 the calculator will display a warning message preventing the questionnaire to be launched.

Calculator Inputs

This calculator does not use any default mappings, all items require manual input.

Calculator Outputs

Output Mapping Type Description
PHQ-9 Adolescent Depression Score Result The PHQ numeric scoring value
PHQ-9 Adolescent Depression Screening Result The PHQ qualitative screening value
PHQ-9 Difficulty Level Result The difficulty level chosen for question 11
PHQ-9 Severity Result The depression a level determined by the score

Quality Measures

Measure Category Measure Type Measure
MIPS PQRS 134, 367