HMP: A Better Way to Care for Patients

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Presentation Agenda

1. What’s an HMP?

2. What’s included in an HMP?

 Benefits of usage

3. Reminders & Orders

 Types of Reminders
 How to Add Reminders

4. Tips and Tricks

5. HMP Enterprise Preferences

6. Meaningful Use 2 Considerations


Question: Providers have been turned off from HMP due to it being so overwhelming... Is there a way so that the HMP only displays chronic problems?

Answer: You are able to modify the type of problem to display by selecting the "Problem Type" option. If you then collapse the display, you can see problems are grouped as acute or chronic. There isn't any way to only show chronic problems. However, there are two preferences that might be helpful as well. The defaults for the Problem/Problem Type View - Default Acute Problems to Expanded could be set to "Never" and the Problem/Problem Type View - Default Chronic Problems to Expanded to "Always" to help streamline the providers workflow.

Question: Can reminders be sent to the patient portal just like appointments?

Answer: The reminder action will be controlled by the patients preferred method of communication selection.