HMP Advantages with v11.2

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> A clean view of the chart

> Right click action menus from HMP

> Able to renew Meds from HMP

> Orders are actionable

> Unsolicited Orders now display

> Able to link meds & orders to problems

> Problems are actionable

> Specific problem types can be displayed

> Resolved & Suppressed problems don’t display

> Alerts viewable from collapsed list

> Permanently Deferred items no longer drop off

> Health Maintenance problems expanded always

> Acute and Chronic problems only expanded for Alert

> All Order types for Incomplete, Reminder, and Most Recent (Order types that do not meet this criteria will not show in HMP at all)


Decide which preferences to let the users override

Making best practice plans for users

Sit with providers to go over setup

Create standards on using HMP

Click on Incomplete, To Do or Most Recent columns to access right click menus

Approach right to left when taking actions on items