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If you view healthcare IT security as mostly the concern of systems administrators, you’re in for a very rude awaking. With the recent dramatic increase in auditing activity by the government, sooner or later every organization will be a target of a “HIPAA Audit”. Even organizations with rock solid IT infrastructures in place can still have significant exposure to extremely costly breaches – not to mention the public relations nightmare that inevitably follows.

A quick look at the legal timeline shows the rapid succession of important legislation over the past 6 to 7 years. The changes to the law have clarified what the government expects of both covered entities and business associates, and have given some serious teeth to a previously weak enforcement policy.

The OCR’s increased focus isn’t the only reason to make sure you’re prepared. 2015 was the first year in which hacking was the number one source of reported PHI breaches, and given how valuable PHI can be on the data black market, this trend will undoubtedly continue. Add to that the proliferation of mobile and cloud computing, and the number of ways for your organization’s PHI to be exposed can be hard to wrap your mind around.

Come join us as we untangle the healthcare IT security mess by diving into how we got here, what’s new, and most importantly what your organization needs to do to stay on top of the constantly evolving threat landscape.

Originally aired: Wednesday, February 17th 2016 Presenter: Robert Downey

Webcast materials

Click here for the presentation slides

Click | here the recording of the webinar