HomeBase Timeouts while user is active in TouchWorks

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While using TouchWorks actively, you click into HomeBase and receive an "inactivity timeout" message and mstlogin to TouchWorks again. This is experienced when a timeout from TouchWorks should not occur. The issue arises when it has been 30 minutes (or whatever the session timeout in IIS) since the user logged into TouchWorks and they haven't gone into HomeBase since they logged in. This is related to the session timeout in IIS for the TouchWorks Virtual Directory. See instructions below for increasing the timeout. This will not affect the timeout duration for TouchWorks itself.


To resolve this issue, please follow these steps on EACH web server:

- Right click My Computer and go to Manage
- Expand "Services and Applications"
- Expand "Internet Information Services"
- Expand "Web Sites"
- Expand "Default Web Site"
- Right Click "TouchWorks" and select Properties
- Click the "Configuration" button
- Go to the "Options" tab
- Change the "Session timeout" value to 180.
- Click OK.
- Restart the TouchWorks AppPool, or go to Start > Run > type "iisreset" > click OK. If you choose the iisreset route, this will reset IIS and must be done during off hours on each web server after the change is made.

After these changes are done on each web server, the user will not be timed out of HomeBase.