Hosted Deployment Pre-Implementation Visit Questionnaire

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This article is devoted to outlining the questions one should ask when rolling out particular modules. Each module has specific questions that can determine the best way to design the system to best meet the clients workflow needs.

For more information regarding the entire hosted deployment process, please visit the Hosted Practice Deployment page.

Allscripts Enterprise EHR Base

Obtain basic information

  • List of employees and their roles.
  • Provider license information and expiration date.
  • List of printers including IP Address, Make, Model, and Name.
  • List of sites and their address, phone number, and contact name.
  • List of room numbers or names for each site
  • Document their current state workflows.

Questions to ask

  • Please describe your current process for answering and routing phone calls.
  • What types of phone calls do you typically receive? This will help determine the list of call processing call types

Allscripts Enterprise EHR RX+

Obtain basic information

  • List of prescribing clinicians and their DEA License and expiration date.
  • List of pharmacies they use with address, phone number, and fax number.
  • Retrieve a copy of their prescribing protocols.

Questions to ask

  • Please describe your current prescribing and medication renewal process.
  • Does your medical staff prescribe or renew under your license?
  • If so, do you want an authorization task or approval task for the following different levels of medications (Level II, level III-V, Non-Controlled)?
  • Do controlled medications require special paper?

Allscripts Enterprise EHR Scan

Allscripts Enterprise EHR Dictate

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