Hosted Environment Printing

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Printing from the Touchworks EHR requires connectivity between the TW Print Server (Message Server) and the individual printers. In a LAN or WAN setting, this is easily accomplished because the printers are typically on the same network as the Print server. In a hosted,MSO or ASP model, where the individual practices are geographically dispersed and mostly connected through the public Internet, a VPN device must be used to allow the centralized Print Server to communicate with the local printers at the individual locations.

As a result, local PC printer configurations are irrelevant to the local Touchworks EHR application and all printers are loaded directly onto the TouchWorks Print Server. Each individual practice that will be using the system will require a site to site VPN. This tunnel will allow each of their local printers to be added to the centralized TW Print server (Message Server) in the datacenter and can be created using a variety of VPN appliances designed for small businesses. The Cisco ASA 5505 is a specific model that has been successfully used to provide connectivity to private practices.