Hosted Practice Deployment

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This article is devoted to describing the roll out process for a hosted deployment. This methodology is based on a v11 TouchWorks EHR and PM deployment. It will initially be focused on describing the process of adding new clients to a pre-existing TouchWorks environment. This model is currently Multi-Org non-sharing, but most processes should translate to other models.

Technical Assessment

Deploying to smaller independent practices requires a Technical Assessment. This ensures that the client is prepared to utilize an Electronic Health Record. Plan to complete this assessment well ahead of the rollout to ensure there is ample time to make any corrections.

Pre-implementation visit questionnaire

Prior to building or modifying the application for the client, there are certain questions that must be asked in order to better understand their workflows and needs. The PIV Questionnaire is a great way to assess these needs and gain a better understanding of your client.

Workflow Assessment

Gather Current State Workflows

This step entails working with the client to better understand their current workflows. There are many ways to document the current state workflows, but the prefered method is to create a process diagram using Visio or another similiar application. To gather the information necessary to document these, it is best to observe the clinic for a few hours to a few days depending on their complexity. This observation combined with your assessment of the PIV meeting should provide you wath ample information to understand their current process.