How Conversions Work

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Webcast Slides delivered 3/13/13]]

Questions and Answers

Question: How long does a live conversion take? Answer: All conversions are based on elements being converted and the amount of data to be converted. For example: If Medications, Allergies, Problems, and Scanned Documents are to be converted and the amount of data is 10 years then the process could take up to a week to convert into live. It is recommended to do these type of conversions in stages and spread it over a couple of weekends.

Question: What if the conversion is done after we have already been live? Answer: Data can be converted after clinical information has been put into live. However, there may be some duplication on items that were not mapped.

Question: What is the typical Patient Matching Criteria for the conversion? Answer: Typical Patient Matching is based on MRN. Additional Matching Logic can be introduced into a conversion project, but will require additional coding and extend the duration of the project.

Question: Can more than the typical data element values be converted? Answer: Any information that is in the source system can be converted as long as it is discrete and stored in the source system database. How that data is extracted could have a major impact on the duration of the project.

Question: What if a provider is no longer with us, but we want the patient data related to that provider converted? Answer: If this is the case, then that provider must be setup in the EHR. They do not have to be active, but their profile has to be created. The reason for this is when items are converted, one of the matching criteria is based on matching the provider to the clinical data.