Implementation Lessons Learned

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Implementation Lessons Learned

Things clients wished they would have realized earlier in the implementation process

  • Expect that you will make changes to build as you go. No matter how much research you did, how many meetings you held, or who provided input you will make changes to your build as your organization matures it's use of the EHR.

Things that worked out well for clients

  • Solid base of Super Users with strong skill sets and good knowledge of the application
  • Go-live support is a must
  • Pre-go-live meetings are beneficial to discuss what to expect with the groups as well as review workflows
  • Mini-go-live 1 week prior to Go-live with real patients (2 or 3) this gives a chance to work out any major bugs early.
  • Combined training for clinical staff and providers (this depends on who you ask)
  • An EHR weekly communication is vital to keep the organization informed
  • Including screen shots in communications and training materials was helpful
  • Post go-live visits are crucial
  • Obtaining input from clinical staff during the build process created a tremendous amount of ownership and buy-in
  • Spending the time to load historical information on patients was very useful in assisting staff to learn how to navigate
  • Allowing for different learning styles; Captivate sessions, class room sessions, handouts, etc.
  • Keeping operations informed throughout the process
  • Holding a launch event prior to implementation to showcase the project and what to expect with the EHR
  • Requiring providers to sign a commitment letter to use the EHR

Things that didn't work well for clients

  • An interactive Captivate training session
  • Make sure your executive leadership meeting content is clear
  • Not addressing equipment needs early in the project