Increase the number of rows in Manage Personal (Task Views)

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This will allow the number of initial records in the Enterprise Views list under Manage Personal to be greater than the default of 25, and when "More…" is clicked the same will be true for the number of additional records that show. The value for mnRowInc can be increased or decreased based on your needs, though be careful with larger values, particularly over 100.

ManageTaskViews ScreenShot.gif


Affected File: C:\Program Files\Allscripts Healthcare Solutions\TouchWorks Web\Works\WebWorks\CHWorks\Tasks\TaskManageViews.htm
Affected Line (v10.0.3): 73
Before: var mnRowInc = 25;
After (set to whichever value you'd like): var mnRowInc = 100;

ManageTaskViews EditHtml.gif