Interfaced Document Encounter Matching

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Documents will be reconciled with encounter based upon a set of logic outlined below. Basically the logic will search for an appointment based on gradually loosening criteria and if it can't match then it will match on an Encounter (if the Date Time matches exactly), along with the other criteria outlined below. If all these options fail the document will create a document in an unnasocciated encounter.

  • (A) = will match on an appointment
  • (E) = will match on an encounter
  • All steps assume that the Patient matches
  1. (A)Visit Number matches (57th parameter), Encounter Date (10th parameter) matches.
  2. (A)Author (creator of the document, 18th parameter in filedocworkstranscription) matches, Encounter DateTime(10th parameter) matches.
  3. (A)Encounter DateTime(10th parameter) matches, Force Provider Flag (59th parameter) = N in ConnectR.
  4. (A/E)Encoutner DateTime matches(10th parameter), Force Provider Flag(59th parameter) = N in ConnectR.
  5. (A)AuthorID matches(18th parameter) in ConnectR, Encounter Date matches(10th parameter).
  6. (A)Owern Id(34th parameter) matches in ConnectR, Encounter Date matches(10th parameter).
  7. (A)Matches strictly on Appointments that are Arr, Pen, and Rsc statuses.
  8. (A/E)Matches on any Encounter if its an Appointment that is in Arr, Pen, or Rsc statuses.