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Interfaces are connections between two systems. ConnectR is the interface management and monitoring tool of choice for Allscripts implementations. An example of an interface would be the data flowing from a scheduling system into TouchWorks.

A single interface consists of both a source and target system. Each interface uses a map to define where to put incoming data on the way back out. Additionally translation tables can be used to map more than one value to a single output value.

HL7 Resources

Interface Engines

Types of Interfaces

  • ADT Patient List
  • Charge
  • Conversions
  • Dictate
  • Document (Inbound)
  • Document (Outbound)
  • Immunization
  • Order
  • Reg/Sched
  • Results
  • Outbound Immunization

Interface Engine Purchasing Considerations

  1. Installation - How easy is the engine to install? Is there a migration path from your existing interface engine?
  2. Usability - How intuitive is the user interface? Does it offer the capability of both GUI and code programming of interfaces?
  3. Performance - What is the throughput of the interface engine, i.e. how many messages does the interface process per minute for a given fan out?
  4. Reliability - Does the engine have 24X7 operation? What are typical causes/estimates of downtime?
  5. Scalability - Is this engine built to support increases in throughput? What is the nominal number of interfaces it can support without performance degradation?
  6. Configurability - Does the interface engine allow for customization and extensions to be carried out by the customer or 3rd party resources, without vendor involvement?
  7. Target Market - Does the vendor have a primary focus on health care?
  8. Support - Does the vendor offer 24X7 support? Is the support model included in the costs of the interface engine? Are there different tiers of support?

Additional Resources