Introduction to Epic Bridges

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This webcast will provide an introduction to Epic’s interface platform, Bridges. With over 100 unique types of interfaces available, we will discuss configuration options as well as the tools available to search, report on and troubleshoot your Epic interface.

Presentation Materials

Download the slide deck Presented June 2014


Q: When editing a message is it possible to edit an entire segment. Or would you have to edit each field in that segment?

A: Yes you can edit one whole segment or each field individually.  Either way is supported using the message editor.

Q: Is there a way to move interfaces between environments, say from test to live?

A: Yes, there are interface moving utilities that exist in Epic text to help with that. You can pack up the interface records and import them into the target environment. One thing that is recommended though, is to only use the utilities to move interfaces to an environment where they don’t exist yet. That way nothing can be overwritten. Making changes manually between environments is the recommended approach for interfaces that already exist.

Q: Is there any setup that needs to be done in order for Epic to try to match problems, medications, and allergies with the CCD?

A: Problems should automatically match, provided you are sending the ICD-9/ICD-10 code in the CCD. Medications and allergies are a bit different in that RxNorm must be installed on the organization’s environment in order for the matching to work. This is something that should be planned for ahead of the conversion.