Introduction to the Mirth Connect Interface Engine

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In this webcast, we introduce the Mirth Connect interface engine and highlight its many different features and capabilities.

Webcast Materials

Presented 12/2/2015 File:Mirth_Webcast_2015.pdf


1. What are some of the features that come with a Pro license? Primarily includes 24/7 support. Plugin capability. Advanced email alert options like escalation levels and email groups for different times of the day (night vs day shift). LDAP authentication to use your Windows login. And a central screen to manage any SSL certificates you’ve setup with each channel instead of managing them individually per channel.

2. What kind of community is available for Mirth users? A great thing about Mirth is the large support community online. The Mirth Corporation hosts a support forum on their website where users ask each other all kinds of questions and where Mirth employees respond fairly quickly as well. This is a useful arena to learn more about Mirth and understand a lot of its inner workings.

3. What security features are offered with Mirth? In terms of message security, Mirth stores all messages inside a database that you would have set up during installation. So as long as your database is set up securely, you are okay on that front. As for message transmission to and from Mirth, you can communicate via HTTPS by providing SSL certificates for your channels. You also have the flexibility to handle your own encryption and decryption of messages using Java or JavaScript code. We’ve actually written extensively on this topic in a few blog posts and a white paper which you can find on Galen’s website. Those are definitely worth checking out to learn more about Mirth Security and more in general.


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