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Invalidating Notes

A user can invalidate a note if the user has been granted the security rights to do this action: "Document Invalidate". To invalidate a note that was created in error.

V10 Note the user must first select the note in chartviewer, then click the Invalidate button located at the bottom of the screen. This will not permanently delete the note, but will remove it from the active view.

V11 Note the user has a couple of options.

Invalidate the Input will also invalidate the output associated with the Input.

  1. . Select the document and either right click and select edit or select Edit from the bottom of the screen. The Note Authoring Workspace will open.


  1. . Click on the arrow in the right hand corner, which will display the option to Invalidate.


Viewing Invalid Notes

An invalidated note can be retrieved, if needed, by changing the view settings in Chartviewer.

To retrieve an invalidated note:

1. Click on Chart 2. Click the Edit View button located above the list of documents in Chartviewer. 3. Check the box labeled Invalid Items 4. Click the Save As button and type a name for this view (i.e. Invalid). 5. Click OK.

This view is now available in the drop down list. Select the name of the view you created (i.e. Invalid) and you will now be able to see notes that have been invalidated. They will appear with a red X next to the note icon. All of the text and content in an invalidated note in all sections is updated with strike-through. The system also appends the user who invalidated the note and a date/time at the top of the note (this is also viewable in the document audit history).

Version 11

In v11, there is a shortcut to view invalidated notes: Click on Chart, and in chartviewer, right click on any item. Click the Show Invalid option in the menu. You will now see the invalid notes in Chartviewer appear with a red X next to the note icon. To hide the invalid notes again, simply right click and select Show Invalid again so the there is no longer a check next to the option.