Issue Reporting for Upgrade

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When entering cases in SalesForce please select a value from the Business Impact drop-down to help the Galen upgrade team prioritize your cases.
The descriptions presented in Support Force are intended to allow AHS support to prioritize cases during the live support phase but provide a general sense of how to categorize an issue in test as if it were occurring in live.

System Down: To be used for Live systems only if 50% or more users are unable to work

As a practical matter during the build, testing and training periods of the upgrade you should assign these statuses with the understanding that we will review all cases as they are submitted and answer whatever we can right away but for cases that require additional research we will prioritize all “Major Impact” before "General" and so on.

For issues that would actually cause you to delay Go-Live if not resolved check the box: Go-Live Blocking Issue.
If this is not clear or you have other questions please contact your Galen Project Manager or Implementation/Upgrade Consultant.