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*[https://ehr.meditech.com/ehr-solutions/time-to-make-population-health-a-reality Population Health]
*[https://ehr.meditech.com/ehr-solutions/time-to-make-population-health-a-reality Population Health]
*[https://ehr.meditech.com/ehr-solutions/time-to-make-population-health-a-reality Time to Make Population Health a Reality ]
*[[MEDITECH Components of Population Health]]
*[[MEDITECH Components of Population Health]]

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Population Health

MEDITECH’s single platform system for population health helps organizations manage and transition patients across all care settings, providing effective care coordination and a better patient experience. MEDITECH’s Web EHR includes the following tools and features:

  • Actionable registries to manage chronic diseases and reduce avoidable emergency department visits and hospitalizations.
  • Easily identify at-risk patients for specific conditions, and setting them on the path to prevention by promoting wellness and healthy lifestyles.
  • Care Management tools to effectively manage patients post-discharge, ensuring medication and care plan compliance.
  • Remote monitoring of patient-generated health data to identify changes in conditions which might put a patient at risk of readmission.
  • Clinically sophisticated surveillance algorithms that provide early warning detection of possible hospital-acquired infections to improve outcomes.
  • A single patient portal across the continuum that engages and empowers patients in their care, making patients part of their care team, and ultimately enhancing the patient experience.
  • Analytics to provide observation and insight into your health system, identifying the effectiveness of your care delivery and opportunity for growth and improvement