Meaningful Use FAQ

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Q: What will it cost an organization to implement a certified EHR technology?
A: In the Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM), CMS estimates that the average cost for an eligible professional to adopt/implement/upgrade a certified EHR technology is $54,000 per physician Full-Time Employee (FTE). In addition, CMS estimates that annual maintenance costs average about $10,000 per physician FTE per year. For eligible hospitals, CMS estimates the range to be between $1 million and $5 million for installation and $1 million annually for maintenance, upgrades, and training.

Q: In regards to Computer Physician Order Entry (CPOE) how will the total amount of orders be measured for an eligible provider, namely, how will paper order requisitions be quantified?

Q: Will existing data-exchanges to/from the EHR be required to be compliant with the latest HL7 specifications?

Q: If a state immunization registry does not have integration capabilities, yet organizations in that state have capabilities to test and demonstrate a data-exchange from/to the registry to/from the EHR, will the organization meet the meaningful use requirement by default?

Q: How will organizations exhibit and communicate meaningful use to HHS/CMS/ONC?

Q: Given the heavy investment for organizations to implement contingency plans - namely downtime solutions - is it reasonable to reward for demonstrated exhibition as this ensures continuity of care for the patient in the event of disaster?

Q: Who is eligible for Meaningful Use reimbursements
A: Medicare defines an “eligible professional” as

  • Doctor of medicine/osteopathy
  • Doctor of dental surgery/medicine
  • Doctor of podiatric medicine
  • Doctor of optometry
  • Chiropractor.

Medicaid defines an “eligible professional” as

  • Physicians
  • Dentists
  • Certified nurse midwives
  • Nurse practitioners
  • Physician’s assistants in a FQHC or RCH (that is so led by a physician assistant).

Q: Are physicians who lease office space in hospitals or physician contractors, considered “hospital-based?”
A: “Hospital-based” is defined by the site of service and not by any employment or billing arrangement. However, the language could be interpreted in such a way as to allow some physicians in hospitals to participate in the program for providers if they do not use the facilities or equipment (including the EHRs) provided by the hospital.

Q: Are exemptions possible to avoid the reductions beginning in 2015? A: There may be exemptions; however, this authority is intended to be used for rural providers who may not have access to broadband or other requisite technologies.