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From Wikipedia:

Medcin, a system of standardized medical terminology, is a proprietary medical vocabulary and was developed by Medicomp Systems, Inc. Medcin is a point-of-care terminology, intended for use in Electronic Health Record systems.


Medcin In Action

Medcin terms were created to separate out the descriptions for both ICD9 and CPT codes.

Example of a CPT Medcin:

63275 CPT Description -

  • Laminectomy for biopsy/excision of intraspinal neoplasm; extradural, cervical

Medcin options for 63275 -

  • Biopsy Intraspinal Laminectomy Extradural
  • Biopsy Intraspinal Laminectomy Extardural, Cervical
  • Laminectomy Excise Intraspinal Tumor Extradural, Cervical
  • Laminectomy for Excision of Intraspinal Extradural Neoplasm
  • Laminectomy for Excision of Intraspinal Neoplasm

From EntEHR1117ADBR:

MEDCIN is a clinical database engine created by Medicomp in 1978 that continues to be expanded and refined by physicians on staff at major medical centers. Some MEDCIN symptoms are associated with more than one Symptoms detail forms based upon age and gender.

Medcin Search Tips & Tricks

  • Try searching using the Browse feature by body part first.
  • If searching from the Search feature, less is better.
  • All Medcin updates are accumulative. Therefore if the last installed update your organization installed was Q1 and the most recent version is Q4, there is no need to install Q2 & Q3.

The advantage to using Medcin terms when possible in Noteforms is that Medcin are discrete data elements and are therefore reportable. If you ever want to query the data you will want to use Medcin terms.

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