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The National Drug Code (NDC) System provides a directory of selected drugs distributed in the United States. Drugs listed under the NDC are identified by an 11-digit number comprised of three segments. The first segment, assigned by the FDA, identifies the vendor; product codes are listed in the second segment, and the third segment, or package code, indicates the package size. The manufacturer assigns the second and third segments of the code for a given product.

In v11, NDC number is mapped to the encounter number where the NDC code would pass from the Charge Interface to the billing system.

The NDC code is used for billing purposes which is why it is located on the Charge Encounter Form.

The workflow to capture the NDC is this:

  • The provider orders an immunization.
  • This order is then appears on the nurse's Worklist to administer.
  • In the administration screen, the nurse can capture the manufacturer, lot number, series, etc. to complete the order.
  • Upon completion, the order will update the encounter form with the charge code for the immunization.
  • The provider can then review the encounter form and with the NDC additional information set up, a message will prompt the provider to enter the NDC code before submitting.

The values that populate the dropdown list are supplied by Medi-Span for the selected medication and are predicated upon the value selected for the Manufacturer control. When this form is saved and the order is committed, the NDC value entered in this form is sent by the system to the read-only Med Admin NDC text box on the Order tab of the Charge Details form for inclusion in the charge encounter.