Order Changes with 11.4.1

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Webcast details

We will be reviewing lab, imaging, patient education and referral order changes in 11.4.1 as designed to facilitate usability and order adoption for MU2

Originally aired: Friday, September 19, 2014 Presenters: Tammara Blakenship and and Becky Matias

Webcast materials

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Q. With a single order with same results, how can the duplicate warning be removed?

A. Duplicate Order warnings are generated when the same resultable is attached to different orderables. This warning cannot be removed, however there is a preference and a setting field in the OID that can control the timing. The preference is DuplicateOrderChkInterval that applies to non-medication orderables. In the OID, the field Duplicate Checking Interval will also control the timing of the warning and will override the preference setting.

Q. Is there a way to increase the font when printing material using Info Button?

A.I could not find any documentation regarding changing the font. I suggest logging a ticket for this issue.