Organizational Considerations when Staff Terminate

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Webcast Overview

Let Galen's expert EHR Consultants help you with: how to de-activate and manage outstanding items for providers, clinical and non-clinical staff, including IT personnel who are no longer with an organization.


Q. What do you do if the termination is immediate?
A. Remember, there is no way to force a log out from within the system. So, even if a password has been changed, or they have been inactivated, that won’t take effect until they are logged out of the system. For users and IT personnel, you need to inactivate them in the system first. Then, you can manually log them out from their own computer or pull the network plug from the computer. For providers, change their password and get them logged out of the system.

Q. Can you inactivate a provider and then reactivate them, and are there repercussions from this?
A. Yes, you can. You would want to confirm their build is correct and reactivate/update the other areas of the application where you made changes (i.e. PMS, Dictation, Results Interface, SureScripts, etc.)

Q. Why would you create a task view for the site, and not the individual terminated provider?
A. Having a single site task view for all deactivated providers gives a much cleaner, easier means of monitoring the tasks. There will only be one view to look at, and you can easily change or add to the Assigned To filter as needed. If the organization or site determines the office manager will monitor this task view and distribute the tasks, you will only need to assign this task view once to manager.


Webcast PowerPoint Presented May 25, 2012